Tennis-Mahe team ready for Kia Motors tournament


They will form part of the Mahé team for the tournament which will start on Thursday afternoon at the Roche Caïman courts.

The male players on the Mahé team are Damien Laporte, Shaun Andriamaro, Theo Barois, Isaac Jean-Louis, Christian Payet, Jovan Varsani, Denzel Laporte, Duncan Accouche, Zahin Zahid, Andrea Montanari, and Giovanni Capet.

Dawn Rene and Therese Soukup are the two female players.
Singles will be played in the morning followed by doubles matches in the afternoon.

The four finals – ladies’ doubles, boys’ doubles, ladies’ singles and boys’ singles – are scheduled for Sunday April 28.
The prize-giving ceremony is set for Monday April 29, starting at 6pm at the Moloko restaurant.

Teams from the island of La Digue, Kenya and Mauritius will also be taking part in the four-day tournament.

The La Digue team, coached by Guilmene Ladouce, comprise Myysa Cousin, Marchella Nibourette and Hanelle Ah Kong.

Ben Stonewigg, Nigel Odhiembo Ojuang, Isabella Stichbury and Belinda are the four Kenyan players chosen to take part, while Mauritius will be represented by Niels Hartmann, Sebastien Liu, Raphael Baya and Emilie Robert. Julie Dutos is the Mauritian team coach.

Seychellois Shaun Andriamaro and Damien Laporte won the boys’ doubles title last year, while Damien Laporte clinched the boys’ singles crown.