UNFPA reaffirms commitment to support health ministry


Dr Lawson handing over the donation to Minister Larue

This was confirmed yesterday after the representative of the United Nation Funds for Population Activities (UNFPA) Agathe Lawson reaffirmed the organisation’s support to the health ministry through the signing of its annual work plan with the health ministry and handed over to Minister Mitcy Larue a number of reproductive health kits and training manuals.

The kits include treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, treatment for rape, oral and injectable contraceptives, male and female condoms, management of miscarriage and complications of abortion equipment, drugs and disposable as well as blood transfusion equipment among others.
The UNFPA has also approved to support a rapid reproductive health assessment to establish the effects and potential impact of disaster on reproductive health care delivery in affected districts including the  inner islands. 

In addition it will conduct a three-day training on Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) for reproductive health care delivery in crisis setting.

The training will equip health personnel with knowledge and skills on provisions of reproductive health care in disaster context based on inter-agency recommended standards.

Dr Lawson, who is the UNFPA’s country director for Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius and Seychelles, is on an official week-long visit here during which she held talks with Minister Larue and met other health officials to convey support following the January flooding disaster.

She conveyed her heartfelt sympathy to the people of Seychelles especially those who were affected and are still reeling from the psychosocial destabilisation which followed the difficult experiences.

“We acknowledge the high level mobilisation of response to the impact of floods led by President James Michel. It is because of such high level commitment, the kind heart of the Seychellois people and friends that early response was so effective and populations affected are now on the path of recovery,” said Dr Lawson.

She said the UNFPA also acknowledges the high level of commitment and effective response reflected well nationally through the leadership of the Ministry of Health to meet the needs, including family planning, sexual and reproductive, of the affected population.

“The full recovery of all those affected will no doubt require continued support, follow-up and collaboration from all sectors,” said Mrs Lawson.
She noted that even though the donation may be limited compared to the level of need on the ground, it would have significant impact on those who need support.

Expressing the government’s gratitude through her ministry, Minister Larue said: “In this period of recovery, we highly welcome and appreciate the kind gesture of UNFPA. The donation, worth an estimated US $15,175 (R174,512), will help improve the reproductive health care of affected populations. We also welcome an additional sum of US $20,000 (R230,000) the UNFPA has approved to support a detailed assignment to be led by an external reproductive health specialist in humanitarian context to be conducted here next month.”

Minister Larue called on Dr Lawson to convey our people’s heartfelt appreciation to the UNFPA executive director Dr Babatunde Osotimehin for the continued support and our reassurance to work together to advance and sustain the highest standard of reproductive health care for our people.