EUCAP NESTOR opens office in Seychelles


Minister Adam addressing guests at the opening of the EUCAP NESTOR office

Attending the official ceremony yesterday at the new Coast Guard base at Ile Perseverance were chief justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende, Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam, chief of defence forces Brigadier Leopold Payet, head of mission for EUCAP NESTOR, Admiral Jacques Launay, and deputy commander of the EU naval operation, EUNavfor Atalanta, Rear Admiral Eric Dupont.

Members of the diplomatic corps and the judiciary, SCG officials, and other high government officials were present at the ceremony as well as commanding officer of the BPC Tonnerre Captain Jean-François Quérat of the Atalanta mission.

EUCAP NESTOR is a European regional capacity-building mission aimed at enhancing the maritime capacities of initially three to five countries in the Horn of Africa and the western Indian Ocean.
Speaking at the opening, Minister Adam said there is a need to continuously be aware and prepared for potential evolutions in the way in which piracy is conducted as well as potential rise in other criminal activities at sea.

He added that the threat of piracy has already cost the country enormously in terms of its development.

Mr Adam said the results of the partnership in the fight against piracy between the European Union and Seychelles speaks for itself in the dramatic reduction in successful piracy attacks.

“Creating a secure ocean means investing in a common future – investing in a future where we do not only look at our own capacity but that of the region,” he said.

Addressing those present, Admiral Launay said there is a need to promote the idea of maritime security, the capacity and experience of Seychelles in the fight against piracy and in the promotion of maritime security.

He added that Seychelles is a good example to be used to show of what can be done for the region and with the cooperation of the region.