Holiday career talks for more informed post-secondary education choices


A group of students attending a talk

Since Tuesday this week, the student affairs and career section within the Ministry of Education has been organising a series of talks and visits aimed at spreading important information on careers and studies at post-secondary institutions to S5 students before they make their final choices for further studies at post-secondary level.

Parents who can are also being encouraged to accompany their children as they too have a big role to play in helping their children make the right and informed decisions when it comes to choosing a post –secondary where to continue their studies after completing S5.

Student affairs and career director Marina Jacques said the talks and open-days are also providing students and parents a great opportunity to meet directly with representatives of the different institutions to clarify any doubts and get answers to all their questions.

Career talks and post-secondary open days were usually organised during the school term, but in view of all the different resulting organisational and logistical constraints as well as disruptions of lessons after having assessed the situation in collaboration with concerned parties, the ministry has decided to carry out the activities during holidays.

“We believe the holidays are a good option where students have ample time and their lessons will not be affected,’’ said Mrs Jacques.

She further noted that an added advantage is that the talks are being held at three specific venues – the Ministry of Education, the National Theatre and ex-NIE auditorium – where there is enough space to accommodate three schools at one time.

“This is also helping us to make the most of the lecturers and reduce pressure on career teachers and pupils who will have more time to analyse information gathered to make better career and post-secondary choices as well as motivate other pupils,’’ said Mrs Jacques.

“Our aim is to expose the S5 pupils and their parents to maximum information as early as possible so as to better prepare the pupils to make more informed and final choices when they finish S5,’’ said Mrs Jacques.

She further added that information is always changing and both pupils and parents should not miss any opportunity to keep abreast and be updated on new information and in that case about career and further education.

She said parents and pupils can also arrange to talk with post-secondary students in institutions they are interested in joining and also employers and employees in professions they aspire to join.
Pupils are attending the talks and visits in their uniforms and are paying their bus fares just like during ordinary school-time.