Cycling : 60.5km team time trial-Eco cycling club celebrate another victory


The Eco cycling club at the start of yesterday’s team time trial

Faddy Confiance, Dominique Arrisol and Francis Louis crossed the finish line of the 60.5km team time trial in a time of 1 hour 25 minutes 09 seconds (1h25:09) to take first place.
Richard Felix and Oscar Constance started the race for winning team Eco cycling club but could not complete the distance.

For team to be credited with an official time in a team time trial race a minimum three riders have to cross the finish line together.
The St Francis team finished as runners-up seven seconds slower (1h25:16), while the Journey cycling club were third in 1h29:57.

Yesterday’s win was the third in a row for the Eco cycling club. Louis won race number six – a 90-lap Victoria criterium on Independence Avenue – in a time of 1h41:45 and Dominique Arrisol, Faddy Constance and Francis Louis crossed the finish line hand in hand to be credited with the same time of 2h54:58 in the 97km road race – race number seven on the calendar.

G. G.