International Labour Day-Minister stresses importance of ‘honest hard work’


Minister Alexander

“Labour Day is an occasion to reflect on the significant contributions of the working men and women in Seychelles and as such honour their achievements in working hard towards the progress of our country.

“Indeed, workers are the engineers of the economy in producing the daily goods and services which we depend on. We are therefore proud of their efforts in ensuring the betterment of all Seychellois and for our country.

“This year’s Labour Day is being celebrated under the theme Bouze, annou travay in relevance to the national theme Striving for our Seychelles and the values of the national campaign of social renaissance, advocating for hard work. My ministry takes this opportunity to call on all workers to support this important venture.

“On this occasion, we are also reminded of the importance to not only work but to earn a decent living through honest hard work. In this regard, my ministry is actively implementing the ‘Seychelles Decent Work Country Programme’ in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The programme is one of the ministry’s key working documents geared at addressing the key challenges faced by the labour market, nationally.

“Employers have a decisive role to play. It is crucial for employers, both local and foreign nationals to be at par with our labour laws, in order to guarantee fair and decent working conditions for all workers in Seychelles. Indeed, the solution to industrial disputes lies in promoting rights and responsibilities at work and social dialogue in order to ensure good communication based on mutual respect. I am fully committed to strengthening and consolidating social dialogue with all our partners, particularly between the employers, workers’ union as well as with the private sector.
“In a rapidly evolving global economy, there is no place for lethargy. As workers, we are reminded that when we sign a contract of employment, we commit ourselves not only to a certain number of working hours, but also to increase the output of our organisation. Work is not only a right as stipulated in our Constitution but it is also a responsibility to ourselves, our family and our country.

“My ministry remains committed to ensuring that the labour market is supplied with the applicable quantity of quality workforce to meet the demands of our striving economy through its various programmes. My ministry equally reaffirms its commitment in ensuring that human resources are treated as the most invaluable resources in the workplace.  The needs of our workers should be properly assessed in order to motivate and attain the optimal results and a win-win situation for both employers and workers. 

“In this optic, the government encourages investment opportunities that create decent jobs, enhance productivity and the wealth of the country, as a strong workforce encourages a strong nation.

“On this note, let us remain cognisant of the fact that work is a basic necessity of life that cannot be taken for granted. As various small island developing states reveal a considerable unemployment rate, Seychelles currently has a low unemployment rate of only 2.12%, which the government works at further decreasing given there are ample opportunities for employment in the country.

“Hence, my appeal to all of you is to take hold of opportunities and your responsibilities to earn a decent living through hard work.
“Finally, I convey my appreciation to all workers and employers as the government is grateful for your commitment, talent, hard work and service to our beloved country.
“Happy Labour Day to all workers and employers!”