Diplomatic reception held to mark Ducth Queen’s abdication


Guests socialising during the reception

The 75-year-old monarch signed the formal documents declaring her abdication in Amsterdam after 33 years on the throne and Willem-Alexander has now become the country's first king since 1890.

Tuesday’s event, held at the Sunset Beach hotel, was hosted by the honorary consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Albert Geers and among the guests was the Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam.

Addressing the guests, Minister Adam said that over the years Seychelles and the Netherlands have shared a special bond of friendship, which has been characterised by our will to collaborate on issues that are of mutual interest to our states.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the Netherlands’ efforts in the fight against piracy. A battle that we hold dear for the protection of our oceans is essential to all states, and not only to those in the Indian Ocean,” he said.

“We will not forget that the Dutch have provided strong support to our cause through the capture, as well as the transfer of pirates. Their role in the Atalanta EU Navfor operations must also be emphasised, for as a European Union member state, your engagement has helped make many of the actions taken against piracy possible,” said Minister Adam.

Speaking about Queen Beatrix, Mr Adam said she has made a bold move to abdicate in favour of her son, and from that day he shall be known as King Willem-Alexander.

“I am certain that his ascension to the throne will only bring forth further cooperation and I do not doubt that the legacy that has been left behind by Queen Beatrix, now known as Princess Beatrix, will be upheld by him. King Willem-Alexander has made valuable contributions to the domestic and international communities alike. His experience will only enhance his ability to further lead the Netherlands towards success and prosperity,” he said.

After that he proposed a toast, first to Queen Beatrix’s success in future endeavours, and also to King Willem-Alexander, wishing him success in his new role.
The guests then spent the rest of the evening socialising.