Ministry stages exhibition to mark Labour Day


Visitors at one of the stalls at the exhibition

Linking up with partners like employment agencies, the ministry showed visitors what services it gives, and gave people a chance to be served there, with job seekers, for example filling in application forms.

Also there were representatives of the Seychelles Federation of Workers and the Seychelles Workers’ Union among others.

Visitors got information about further learning, and details of scholarships available and how those who qualify can benefit from them.

People with grievances sought and got help, for example those who were not happy with or clear about the way their salaries had been calculated.

Egbert Rosalie, who is the director general for employment promotions, said the ministry’s offices are at the Oliaji Trade Centre which is near the Temooljee supermarket and people wishing to get more services or information need to visit the building where a security guard will direct them to the right unit.