Letter to the Editor-Bravo referee Barra!


A pretty good match on the overall but one cannot stop having witness the excellent officiating, especially by the man in the middle of the park – Alistair Barra. He was spot on in his decisions, firm but with great flexibility at times, letting the game flow which I observe earned him the respect of all players and spectators alike.

I have only seen him twice refereeing here at the Amitié Stadium as I am not there for all matches and if he continues in the same vein I am sure he will be a model referee for Seychelles.

I think it is time we spectators start appreciating not only good football actions by players but also by officials. It is just too easy to complain and criticise when they are not up to it, but we rarely give them accolades when they excel.
Bravo to all three officials.

Pierre D.