ASYCUDA World: Procedures for customs clearance of goods


Customs will soon be migrating to ASYCUDA World and traders will have to follow the ASYCUDA World declaration processes to be able to clear their goods. In this article we will look at how declarations are made in the new System – the ASYCUDA World.
How to make a declaration in the ASYCUDA World?
It is important to follow the steps below to be able to clear your imports without any delay or inconvenience. Ensure that before inserting any information in ASYCUDA World that all the required documents needed to complete the declaration are available.

• Bill of entry: 
1. The declarant or authorised importer or agent must complete the Bill of Entry and scan all mandatory documents such as invoices, bill of lading, airway bill or packaging list and for any restricted goods provide an e-permit. To create declarations in ASYCUDA World select Declaration Module:  Goods clearance ? declaration ? select detailed declaration.  For opening a new declaration right click on detailed declaration and select new.

2. It is very important to ensure that the correct model of the declaration is selected to ensure that the correct type of control and data of the system is made available. The system will display the declaration form to ensure that all the fields are completed.  Then attached all required documents by selecting ATT. Doc tab on the declaration and right click in reference section to attach the documents.

3. Use the additional information tab to input pertinent information to the declaration.  Fill in the suppliers’ information for each invoice attached to the declaration. If the goods are being imported in a container, then select the container tab and fill the required information.

4. If the declaration is not for immediate use, then it needs to be stored in the system, and then select the store icon < in the menu bar on the opened declaration.  A declaration can be stored at anytime or at any stage during the input of information.
5. To register the declaration in ASYCUDA World on the opened declaration select Validate and Assess icon to obtain assessment for payment. Assessment means that the submission of the declaration for customs’ acceptance and acknowledges the value as correct and exact.

• Evaluation of e-documents by customs officers
1. The e-documents will be evaluated and if no errors are found then the assessment of the Bill of Entry by customs will be done.

2. In cases whereby errors are found then Customs will create an e-query, showing errors that require modification. The message containing the list of modifications is sent to the declarant, authorised importer or agent.

• Evaluation of the e-query
1. If the query is accepted by the declarant, authorised importer or agent then the modification of the Bill of Entry is done and the e-query is validated. The Bill of Entry is then assessed and a message is sent to the declarant, authorised importer or agent.

2. In cases whereby the query is not accepted, then it sustains the rejection and the validation of the query is done. The Bill of Entry is on stand-by while the declarant, authorised importer or agent solves the discrepancy in providing additional supporting documents.

• Payment of duties and taxes
1. In circumstances where the declarant, authorised importer or agent has not selected an account number in Box 48, then the system will automatically send a request for payment.  In this situation, payment must be made in cash at any customs offices, either seaport or airport.

2. If an account in Box 48 has been selected and the account has enough credit, then the duties and taxes will be deducted automatically from the repayment account and a receipt will be generated.

3. A hard copy of the documents including the payment receipt must be submitted to the customs office. Please note that incomplete documents will not be accepted and will be returned. The next stage is the release of the goods. 

For more information
You can contact Seychelles Revenue Commission on 4293737 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us at the following address: Seychelles Revenue commission, PO Box 50, Orion Mall, Victoria. You can also download the guide Get Started as an ASYCUDA World user on SRC website: