Seychelles at London forum on future of Somalia


President Michel signing an agreement with Mr Cameron during the February 2012 conference on Somalia

With the minister are secretary of state to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Barry Faure, Seychelles resident ambassador to the UK Marie-Pierre Lloyd, Declan Barber, who is Seychelles co-director to the Regional Anti Piracy Prosecution Centre (Rappicc), and security consultant to the office of the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport Raymond St Ange.

The conference starts at Lancaster House today and will be opened by the British Prime Minister David Cameron, and the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.
During the conference, Mr Morgan will deliver a speech on behalf of President Michel, providing an opportunity for Seychelles to express its support for the continued progress in Somalia and adding its voice to measures which are needed to ensure the path chosen by the Republic of Somalia continues.

 “It is vital that Seychelles continues to support the transition of the Republic of Somalia, where peace, economic growth and stability for its people, is being achieved. Our presence and involvement in this most important conference confirms that Seychelles, small as it may be, and being a victim itself as a result of pirate aggressions, is seeking to help the people of Somalia, where we can,” said Mr Morgan.

He noted that Mr Michel in his address to the 19th session of the African Union held last year in Addis Ababa said “Africa must stand on its own feet and take a good look at the distant horizon.  The distant horizon of hope, of fraternity and brotherhood, of prosperity and progress… it is within our grasp. We must empower our people. We must invest in them…”
In the same speech, Mr Michel commended partners and those working to bring peace and stability to Somalia.

Somalia is emerging from more than two decades of conflict. Last year following representation for a new Somali parliament and new president, the government of the Republic of Somalia set out an ambitious plan, the Six Pillar Policy, to rebuild the country.

The Somalia conference will be one of a sequence of events in 2013 that will support Somalia, including the G8 meetings, the Tokyo International Conference on African Development in early June and an EU-hosted conference in September on the New Deal for fragile states.

The United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Somalia have invited over 50 partner countries and international organisations for this one day conference.
Seychelles played a pivotal role in a similar conference where President Michel attended and signed key agreements with Mr Cameron.