Added comfort for disabled girls


The wheelchair handing over ceremony

Ashantina Servina and Mifa Zialor, who suffer from cerebral palsy, received their wheelchairs recently at the office of the Seychelles Children’s Foundation, Bel Eau.

The donation has been made possible by H. Savy Insurance company after being approached by the Office of First Lady Natalie Michel and the foundation to help with such cause.

Present at the ceremony were representatives of H. Savy Insurance company, staff of the foundation and parents of the two girls.

Representing the company, Lambert Woodcock said this donation forms part of H. Savy Insurance company’s corporate social responsibility and hopes that these wheelchairs help to improve the lives of the two girls.

The Office of the First Lady and the parents expressed words of gratitude to the company for making this donation.

The wheelchairs have been brought into the country by Air Seychelles for free and have cost about R12,000.