Turtle meat lands man in hot soup


Some of the meat the man is said to have thrown overboard

The ministry said its officer manning the greenline got information at around 10am that a fisherman had a live turtle in a boat at Anse Aux Pins.

“Task force officers from the ministry and from the Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) accompanied by criminal investigation department officers went to the site,” said the ministry in a press release.

“They told the man that they wanted to have a look in his boat, but the accused sped off in his boat, went round Ile Soleil where officers from SNPA, standing by at sea, observed him throwing plastic bags in the sea.

“The bags were recovered and turtle meat was found inside. The man was arrested, detained and later released on bail,” said the ministry, thanking everyone who helped in one way or another to catch the suspected poacher.

“Members of the public are encouraged to use the greenline 2722111 to report or to tell its environment officers of cases involving turtles when they think an offence is being committed.
The public are further informed that it is against the law to interfere with, catch, kill or be in possession of turtles,” said the ministry.