Berjaya hotel hosts children’s party as pizzeria reopens


The children cheering before enjoying their pizza with their host, GM Ken Choo

The event kicked off at 10am with games and animation, with music that saw the young “hyper” guests tapping their feet with shyness at first, but soon bouncing around the place.

With a guest list of around 80 children from the President’s Village, Foyer de Nazareth, Foyer de la Providence, Foyer de la Solitude, the party soon even had curious hotel guests coming to watch the fun.

The hotel’s general manager Ken Choo said renovation work had started on the pizzeria in October last year and it can now cater for around 150 people. He added that a good way to reopen it was by inviting orphans for some hours of enjoyment and be among the first to sample their pizza as opposed to having an official event.

“Our pizzeria is a fun place to be and we kept the reopening that way with no official guests and speeches, rather we preferred to have a children’s party,” he said.

“We have completely redone the entire pizzeria, including the kitchen, put in new equipment, and then for the benefits and enjoyment of our guests, we have upgraded our menu as well as given an area where they can have a family event should they wish to. We also cater for private events, such as birthday parties and our new pizzeria can comfortably cater for all that and more.”

The Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay resort’s pizzeria

The young guests then enjoyed a variety of delicious just-baked pizza, and other snacks before dancing for a bit afterwards with DJ Jude Bellard.
Speaking to some of the young guests, they declared themselves satisfied, and said it was certainly a fun way of spending one of the last few days left of the holidays before they have to get back to school next week.