Chamber commends ministry for tax choice


The flexibility in the payment of the CSR by the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment now allows the business community to make donations equivalent to half the value of corporate social responsibility tax (0.5% of turnover) directly to approved non-governmental organisations or registered sports bodies of their choice.

“The chamber is pleased to have partly contributed towards this amendment, a proposal of which was submitted to the ministry five weeks ago through a meeting held to discuss about the issue,” said the SCCI.

“The ministry arrives with this intermediate remedy pending a long-term proposal, which the SCCI will be submitting to the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment for consideration in the hope of satisfying all local business entities.

“The chamber would like to thank the ministry for having given them the chance to contribute positively towards this important policy and underlines the importance of consultations and good working relationship between the private sector and the government, as is the case between the SCCI and ministry in this instance,” the chamber said in a statement.

The SCCI reaffirmed its commitment to support the government for future policy decisions that affect the businesses and looks forward to more opportunities to contribute towards a more prosperous Seychelles.