Eden Island and government join to showcase Seychelles at WEF


Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam, Finance, Trade and Investment Minister Pierre Laporte, who are representing Seychelles at the forum, launched the event on Wednesday last week in partnership with Eden Island chief executive Craig Heeger.

"Seychelles’ recent experiences in economic reforms, but also our increasing diplomatic role means we have a lot to share with our region and the world in terms of development strategies, and principles.

“Our partnership with the private sector has been a key component in our recent success, and we are pleased to be able to participate in events such as these at such important global occasions as the WEF," said Minister Adam.

Minister Laporte stressed that Seychelles offers a secure location for investment, and the country is becoming increasingly competitive while retaining the aspects that make it unique, such as a well-protected environment and carefully managed tourism policy.

"We are confident that the balance that Seychelles has established between pro-active development policies, and protection of our natural and cultural heritage, makes Seychelles a unique and incomparable experience for anyone seeking to invest in our country. We are proud of our recent economic transformation, and have been careful that this is situated within a framework of true sustainable development," said Mr Laporte.

Mr Heeger emphasised that marketing Eden Island, one of the largest investors in Seychelles, naturally means also marketing the whole Seychelles experience.

In his remarks, Mr Adam also spoke of Seychelles' bid to secure a non-permanent seat on the United Nations’ Security Council in 2017, as an effort to show that all states can and must make a contribution to global security, whether large or small. 

He highlighted that as an oceanic nation, Seychelles is itself playing a leadership role in maritime security and aims to redefine the relationship of states, particularly in the African region, with regards to the ocean, as a space for development.

Mr Adam also remarked that for a small state such as Seychelles to make a difference at global level, it involves a strong partnership with the private sector:

"Seychelles’ bid is also based on a strong relationship with the private sector and we look forward to using the platform of our bid to also share some of our positive experiences in working with investors and partners for development."

The event was also attended by the chief executive of the Seychelles Investment Bureau, Rupert Simeon, and reigning Miss Seychelles Sherlyn Furneau.
Natural Resources and Industry Minister Peter Sinon, who was in Cape Town at the time, supported the event by also attending.