Minister applauds Port Glaud primary


Minister Mondon (left, picture above) congratulating the Port Glaud pupils on their good achievements


Scores of well-behaved, neatly-dressed pupils were congratulated by the minister for achieving a great improvement in their annual national examination results, climbing in the rankings from 25th overall in 2011 up to 10th place in 2012.

“Port Glaud primary was a bit behind in the previous year but you have made remarkable progress in 2012, and this year there is no reason why your school cannot come first,” said Mrs Mondon, urging the children to continue their hard work into the second and third terms.

The minister – who was accompanied at the assembly by the principal secretary for education Merida Delcy and director general for schools Odile Octave – thanked the teachers and pupils for their dedication, and also gave special thanks to the parents who supported their children in their school work.

The school’s head teacher, Shirley Hoareau, said her staff had put in a great amount of effort to ensure Port Glaud primary achieved much better results, saying that extra lessons had been offered to pupils to help them achieve better results.

“We’re going to continue to work hard to bring the school even further ahead, because we know we can do it. All of us love Port Glaud primary school, so we need to make our school a good example for everybody,” said Miss Shirley.

The children of Port Glaud ended the assembly off by summing it all up with their favourite motto: let’s work hard for ourselves, for our school and for Seychelles!