Voting for Miss Seychelles People’s Choice Award begins


Besides the coveted Miss Seychelles – another world title, the 14 contestants – aged between 18 and 22 are also vying to be designated Miss Photogenic, Miss Personality and Miss Evening Gown, besides the People's Choice award.

Voting was launched on Friday April 26 on both Cable & Wireless and Airtel as well as via the Miss Seychelles website.
During the first two weeks, 3,335 votes have been recorded and the number is rising as excitement soars, closer to the pageant.

The organisers have said that this year votes from both SMS and Miss Seychelles website will be compiled to select the People's Choice winner.

To vote on the Miss Seychelles website, visit Miss Seychelles info/contestants. Select your contestant and vote. Please note that you can only vote once.

To vote by SMS, just choose from the table below and send their personal code to 9689at Airtel or 9688 at Cable & Wireless.SMS rates are 40 cents for Airtel and 46 cents for Cable & Wireless. Voting on the website and by SMS will be open to the public until two hours before the start of the pageant on May 25.

1. Adelaine Rohana               CO1
2. Barallon Lindy                   CO2
3 Denousse Emma                CO3
4 Fernandez Naomi               CO4
5 Fred Steffi                         CO5
6 Gerry Agnes                     CO6
7  Hoareau Isha                   CO7
8 Lablache Francesca          CO8
9  Marie Avrena                   CO9
10 Napier Joanne                 C10
11 Nourrice Nikita                C11
12  Payet Kelly                    C12
13  Quatre Angele                C13                               
14 Ramanoelina Sandra          C14