Beach Football league to be launched soon


Group photo of those who took part with their certificates, the instructors and the SFF executive committee members

This was announced during the closing ceremony of a five-day training course for referees and coaches of the emerging sport.

To be able to implement this league, the SFF has had to provide training for those who will run the games. Fédération internationale de football association (Fifa) instructors Marcelo Mendes and Sunday Okayi were invited to provide knowledge and skills to local coaches and referees so that they can successfully implement the beach football programme here.

Mr Chetty spoke of the infrastructures that are to be constructed to cater for matches and noted that beach football will be important to the federation’s development of football in Seychelles. He added that Seychelles hopes to have its national team in the future to test itself on the international scene. He also took the time to thank the instructors and also congratulated the delegates for completing the course.

Marcelo Mendes, who was responsible for training the coaches, said he was pleased with the development of this type of football and told Sports Nation that he has seen a lot of improvement in the knowledge of the coaches and added that they now need to gain practice and experience to develop further.

As for referee instructor Sunday Okayi, he felt the course met its target in giving the referees the required knowledge and rules of the game so that they can effectively take control of matches.

Before the delegates were given their certificates, the SFF presented the two instructors with gifts and souvenirs as token of appreciation.

Meanwhile, a tournament will be held today at 9am at the sand pitch near the Astro-turf pitch, Roche Caïman, where those who followed the courses will be able to put their knowledge to the test.

The two Fifa instructors will not be there to see their trainees’ progress as they will have already left Seychelles.