Wellness Centre patients lead in day of families show


Wellness Centre patients singing and playing musical instruments for the guests

The event – which was held at the centre – saw a large group of people turn up to support the patients there, who were the main performers of the show.

Organised by the social affairs department in collaboration with various partners, there were also other groups, who had come to show their support, such as the district’s senior citizens, Neighbourhood Recreational Activities (NRA) group, Mont Royale patients, Alliance for the Promotion of Solid and Humane Families, and the Family Council team.

Young dancers from the NRA showing off their talents in traditional dances

Speaking to Seychelles Nation, social affairs representative Elsa Nourrice, said this year’s theme is Advancing social integration and intergenerational solidarity.
“We decided to have this activity and invite their families and friends to support them,” she said.

“Our department has a role to play in their after-care, and we are here to help them get re-integrated in society.”
Prior to the event starting Robert Moumou said a prayer for all present, and then the show kicked off.

Quite a lot of talents were showcased through various songs, dances, poems, story and joke-telling, where gospel songs, romances and prayers were also not amiss.
The young dancers from the NRA showed the older ones that they also had talents in traditional dances, while Wellness Centre patients showed that they are artistically gifted with lovely poems, ability to smartly play musical instruments, and more.

Every one said they had a good time, from patients to families and friends, and Ms Nourrice asked the society to remember and try to help the more vulnerable not only on occasions like this but on every other day of the year. 

Anse Royale district groups entertaining at the centre

“We have vulnerable people, not only here at the Wellness Centre, but also in prison, people who do not have a permanent place to live, people who are being abused, and many more. So we ask that society does not forget them,” she said.