Cycling-Louis wins 103.1km road race


Louis (right) and Arrisol at the finish line of Saturday’s 103.1km road race

This is the third consecutive one-two placings for the two and it is interesting to see how long they can maintain this momentum.

On Saturday, Louis was first across the finish line of the 103.1km road race at l’Exile (Sans Soucis) in a time of 3 hours 15 minutes 03 seconds (3h15:03).
His clubmate Dominique Arrisol was also credited with the same time for second place, while Ahmad Arissol of the Journey cycling club finished third in 3h15:57.

Edward Pothin (St Francis, 3h18:37), Bertrand Lesperance (Eco cycling club, 3h19:40), Ricky Rosalie (St Francis, 3h19:45 ), Fadi Confiance (Eco cycling club, 3h20:09), Peter Alphonse (Journey cycling club, 3h 21:25) and Mario Joubert (Journey cycling club, 3h 32:27) were ranked fourth to ninth.

Eco cycling club won the best team title with a combined time of 9h49:46 and Journey cycling club finished second with 10h09:49.

G. G.