New buoys draw the line at Anse Royale


Preparing the buoys for installation in the sea

The large, clearly visible buoys with reflective stickers will be reference points for safe boating and swimming at the beach.

The beach has in the past been the subject of safety concerns due to the close proximity of boating, jet-skiing and swimming activities, and the director-general of the SMSA, captain Joachim Valmont, has said that the intention is to increase the safety footprint of popular beaches such as Anse Royale.

“We remain concerned in the meantime of reports received about operators of certain pleasure craft, jet skis and other boats, who are operating their craft in an unsafe manner,” said captain Valmont.

The buoys clearly demarcate the area which are to be used by swimmers only, to the north side of the beach, and the area which is to be used only by boats, close to the fish market next to the Kaz Kreol restaurant. A safety sign has also been erected there to further alert bathers and boat operators of the safety regulations.