Masai cultural dancers enthral midday crowd


Masais are known to jump high during their dances, and these ones did not disappoint their audience yesterday

The group had put on a small performance outside Kenya Airways office at Kingsgate House.

Sponsored by Kenya Airways to take part in activities to celebrate the FetAfrik, the group made up of a young woman and two men attracted quite a crowd of school children and a large number of people from surrounding offices who had just taken a break for lunch.

Traffic in the area was jammed for some 15 minutes before the crowd started to clear.

The schoolchildren who happened to be in the area just as the performance was about to start struggled to get a good view of the performers whom until now they had only seen on television.

“It’s good to see them live, be so close and also be able to take a photo with them for my album,” a boy in the audience said.

Just before the show started a large crowd had gathered to take photographs with the Masai group, who normally perform at the Bomas of Kenya cultural centre.

The centre is situated 10km from the Nairobi city centre, and about 1km past the main entrance of the game-filled Nairobi National Park. It gives a glimpse of the wonderful diversity of cultures that make up this fascinating country.
At Bomas different aspects of Kenyan culture are displayed including living styles, crafts, music and dancing.

The name Bomas was derived from "Boma" – a Swahili word for enclosed homestead -- and there are now many different "Bomas", each one representing one of Kenya's major ethnic groups.

The group has been invited here as part of this year’s FetAfrik celebration to bring a touch of mainland Africa to Seychelles for the occasion, something it surely did through the spectacular performances.

The Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange and principal secretary Benjamine Rose dropped by at some point to greet the trio, and encouraged them.