Coastguards trained on visiting Swedish warship


Representatives from the Seychelles Coast Guard on the helicopter deck of the HSwMS Carlskrona

The training is part of EUCAP Nestor’s work to enhance the coast guard’s capacity to manage crime scenes and deal with evidence in a proper way.

EUCAP Nestor is a regional EU mission dedicated to building local capacity in the countries of the region to ensure maritime security, in particular maritime governance and counter-piracy. EUCAP Nestor is supported by EU Navfor in this endeavour.

HSwMS Carlskrona, which arrived in Victoria on May 28, is operating under EU Navfor Atalanta flag. It came to Seychelles directly from Somalia where it had been patrolling the coast in search of pirates.

On the day of its arrival here the commanding officer, Mathias Jansson, hosted a lunch for secretary of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Barry Faure, Lt Col George Adeline of the SCG, British high commissioner Lindsay Skoll, French ambassador Genevieve Iancu, and the acting team Leader for EUCAP Nestor, Fredrik Wesslau.

Following the lunch, the dignitaries were given a presentation of the current situation relating to piracy in the Indian Ocean and taken on a tour of the vessel.
They were also shown a suspected pirate skiff that had been captured by EU Navfor off the coast of Somalia a few weeks ago.

The skiff is testament to the fact that while successful pirate attacks have decreased over the past year, the threat of piracy remains real and dangerous.

HSwMS Carlskrona

The HSwMS Carlskrona is currently the largest vessel in the Swedish navy. It is her second tour under EU Navfor flag. The vessel will stay in Seychelles until tomorrow when it will head to Djibouti.