Beach soccer championship to start in June


A beach soccer championship will take place in mid-June

Speaking to Sports Nation, SFF technical director Ulric ‘Keker’ Mathiot said that they are working to launch the five-a-side championship during the third week of June at the sand pitch near the Astroturf field at Roche Caïman.

All interested teams are therefore being asked to register before June 14. Registration forms are available at the Maison Football, Roche Caïman.

The first phase of the beach soccer project in Seychelles was to develop coaches and officials who will be able to run the games successfully. The second phase is to start involving teams as well as developing the infrastructure needed for progression of the sport.

In line with this, Mr Mathiot said that the federation is involved in the ‘Fifa Beach Programme’ whereby Fifa (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) provides equipment and logistics to aid the running of the sport locally.

A project to convert the sand pitch into a mini-stadium with all it facilities will soon begin and is expected to take about 12 months to complete.

Mr Mathiot said the SFF is also planning on bringing the sport into schools and the community. Women are also being encouraged to play beach soccer. This will allow the development of talent in order to eventually have a national pre-selection to compete internationally.

Meanwhile, there will be a meeting on June 15 at the Maison Football starting from 9.30am for managers of all registered teams in order to discuss the running of the championship, including the game times, among other topics. Managers are being urged to attend the meeting as the competition is expected to begin the week after.

S. N.