Children’s Day message-‘Take the time to grow up,’ President tells children


President Michel

“Every June 1 we rededicate ourselves to the protection of the rights and wellbeing of our children. We are reminded of our commitment to consistently nurture a safe and loving environment for our children to grow.

“It is Children’s Day. It is a special occasion to honour childhood. On this day, we cherish and value the presence and promise of our children.
“Childhood is the most important period of life. It is a time of innocence, fun and liveliness. A time of growth. It is the time for children to play, to learn, to discover. But childhood is also about acquiring knowledge and developing the qualities, the values necessary to become responsible and resourceful adults of the future. This is good education. It starts at birth. It is acquired in the home, in the community, at school. And it is this culture of responsibility and hard work that we must cultivate and instill in children, to ensure that they grow up to become healthy and educated adults, able to face the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

“Children should know the reasons for the celebration. As we reflect on the day, we are aware that children in Seychelles are, in many ways, privileged. Opportunities for their development are many. Every child in Seychelles goes to school. All children have access to free medical care. The State has developed a comprehensive welfare system to also help the less fortunate among them. We reaffirm our nation’s determination to shelter them from all forms of abuse. Still, a lot remains to be done. Not all the children of our nation are living in the conditions conducive to their proper development. We are relentlessly fighting the social ills that are depriving many children of hope of a bright future. We are strengthening the family structure. We continue to support various other activities, such as sports and participation in environment clubs that are good for their all-round development. We continue to encourage all parents, and the communities, to assume their responsibilities in raising our children.

“I wish, today, to express my gratitude to all individuals, agencies, organisations and religious bodies that are working for the welfare and protection of children.

“In this technological and information-based society that we inhabit today, it is important that we, the adults, guide our children to make the right choices, to seize the many opportunities that exist. “Alongside the positive benefits of modern development are many threats. We need to guard our children against the threats that could affect their future, our nation’s future. 

“My message to our children on this day is for them to enjoy their childhood, take the time to grow up, listen to their parents and teachers. Build their future today by investing in themselves through their education. This is the most important decision they can make at this stage of their lives.
“Your parents, grandparents, guardians and teachers are your guides and mentors who have your best interest at heart. Trust and listen to them. They will help you to choose and make the decisions that will allow you to prosper.

“On this day, my family and I greet all of you warmly. We share your joy on this special occasion.
“We wish you all a very happy Children’s Day.”