First Lady urges children to strive for a better future


Mrs MichelThis comes in her message to the children on the occasion of Children’s Day today.
The full text of Mrs Michel’s message reads:

“In the world today, there is too much ‘Do as I say’ but not enough ‘Do as I do’.
“Children, we know that you learn from our actions and from our words and that you also learn things we never realise we are teaching you: our behaviour, reactions, habits…

“Today, many things have changed in our society. You are being exposed to so many things much earlier than the previous generations. We as parents, teachers, mentors and the community, must look at the world from your own perspective if we want to teach you to live better lives.

“You need to always model generosity, truthful behaviour and acceptance of others. Grow up to be healthy, strong and compassionate; grow up with a great spirit.

“Let us be fair to our children by making an effort to be exemplary role models and show them good examples. As parents, we should encourage people around us not to exhibit the type of negative behaviour that we do not want our children to be exposed to. If we do not approve of drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, then we must show our children how we feel about those habits through open and honest discussions and by not indulging in them ourselves. Let us keep our children away from the negative influences that may leave long-lasting effects on them and affect their hope for a better tomorrow.

“Parents, take your parental role seriously; continue to build on good family values so that you guarantee a promising and prosperous future for your children. May the joy of parenthood always guide you to do your best where your children are concerned; to raise them, educate and love them despite the many challenges being faced by you and the youths today. Our children are all different and we need to develop individualised and specific learning plans for each of them, keeping their particular interests and strengths in mind. We all need to be aware of the world we and our children live in.

“Children, listen to the advice of your elders and always show respect. Hold on tight to the key of education because it is a powerful tool for you to become what you want to be in life. Education is the tool for success. Let us be the wind in your sail to always guide you in the right direction.

“Whatever the choice today in your education, health, career and life, it will have an impact – good or bad – on who you become. Strive to do your very best in life, stay away from negative influence, embrace all golden opportunities thrown your way, and remember to show gratitude towards those who are there to support and guide you along the way.
“Happy Children’s Day!”