Court gears up for move to Ile du Port


The last regular hearings at the old Courts buildings in Victoria are planned for Friday June 7.  Operations are scheduled to start at Ile du Port on Monday June 10.

A communiqué from the Supreme Court says that there will be some inevitable disruption to the court’s services between Monday June 10 and Thursday June 13. 

“While this disruption will be kept to a minimum, the staff of the judiciary are counting on the patience and cooperation of all court users to ensure that the move is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible,” says the communiqué.

Updated information for court users will be posted regularly on the website of the Seychelles Legal and Information Institute,, beginning today, June 3.  Parties and attorneys with hearings scheduled in the week beginning June 10 are requested to contact the Registry directly to confirm whether their hearing has been adjourned.

Cashier services for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal should be fully operational at Ile du Port from Monday June 10, says the communiqué, adding that cashier and reception services for Supreme Court users will also continue to be available in Victoria throughout this period.

Registry services and Court sittings on June 10, 11, 12 and 13 are planned to proceed at Ile du Port.  Noting that some interruption in service must be expected, the communiqué says that urgent matters will be given priority while parties with non-urgent matters are likely to be required to return after June 17.

In the event of disruption to the existing telephone connections, urgent inquiries can be made in person at Ile du Port or by calling one of the following numbers: 272 4778 (ELA to the Chief Justice); 272 3532 (senior assistant Registrar, Criminal Division); 272 2478 (director of HR, Administration and Finance); or 272 3166 (Human Resources manager).

The new Palais de Justice will be officially opened on Monday June 17 as part of the National Day celebrations.