Air Seychelles and Czech Airlines announce strategic partnership


Air Seychelles chief executive Cramer Ball shakes hands with Czech Airline's President Philippe Moreels at the signing ceremony in Cape Town

The partnership between Seychelles’ national airline and the flag carrier of the Czech Republic allows passengers of the two airlines to book and travel between Prague and the Seychelles on one ticket, connecting in Abu Dhabi.

Initially, the agreement will see Air Seychelles place its ‘HM’ code on three of Czech Airlines’ flights per week between Prague and Abu Dhabi.

Czech Airlines will similarly place its ‘OK’ code on three of Air Seychelles’ flights per week between the Seychelles and Abu Dhabi. 

The arrangement gives European travellers immediate access to two flights a week from Prague to Seychelles via Abu Dhabi, and to one flight a week from Seychelles to Prague via Abu Dhabi.
Cramer Ball, Air Seychelles’ chief executive officer, said: “The Seychelles has seen a surge in arrivals from Central and Eastern Europe in recent years and I'm delighted to forge a partnership with Czech Airlines, an important player in the region.

“With this new agreement, the Seychelles has access to the city of Prague and attractive destinations beyond in Central and Eastern Europe operated by Czech Airlines, such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Scandinavia.

“We are confident the schedule will appeal to travellers throughout Central and Eastern Europe, thereby providing a source of revenue that will contribute to the future of Air Seychelles, Seychelles tourism and our home economy.

“It is also thrilling to note that we have connected three Unesco world heritage sites: the Seychelles, with its two natural wonders, Aldabra and the Vallée de Mai, and Prague, a cultural wonder, known for its beauty and historical significance.”

Philippe Moreels, Czech Airlines’ President, said: "The partnership with Air Seychelles brings to Czech Airlines’ clients a new, smoother way to travel to the Seychelles, a destination with increasing demand in Central Europe. And vice versa, Prague becomes closer and more easily accessible from the Seychelles.

“Thanks to perfect connectivity in Abu Dhabi, the two companies are able to offer attractive regular service, with a plan to increase the frequency of flights in future. This goes hand in hand with our intention to further develop Czech Airlines’ route between Prague and Abu Dhabi.

Subject to regulatory approval, the airlines plan to expand the scope of the agreement to include more destinations in their respective networks.

Tickets can be purchased online via or Alternatively, tickets can be booked through the Czech Airlines Contact Center at 800 31 310 (within Czech Republic) or +420 239 007 007, the Air Seychelles Call Center at +248 4 38 10 13, by visiting the airlines’ sales offices, or through a travel agent.

Prague-Seychelles Flight Schedule:

Flight No. Departs Departure Time Arrives Arrival Time Frequency
OK 350/HM 5071 Prague 23:25 Abu Dhabi  07:30+1 Monday
OK 352/HM 5073 Prague 12:05 Abu Dhabi 20:10 Wednesday
HM 019/OK 3290 Abu Dhabi 08:20 Seychelles 12:55 Tuesday
HM 087/OK 3296 Abu Dhabi 02:00 Seychelles 06:35 Thursday
Seychelles-Prague Flight Schedule:

Flight No. Departs Departure Time Arrives Arrival Time Frequency
HM 086/OK 3291 Seychelles 15:40 Abu Dhabi 20:10 Sunday
OK 353/HM 5070 Abu Dhabi 01:40 Prague 06:10 Monday