Tri-partite fisheries project proposed


President Michel with representatives of Nepad and the Association of African Economy and Development Japan ECA Committee discussing the proposal

The project is expected to reinforce capacities of fishermen by developing their business plans, which are bankable and feasible in the long-term.

The proposal came about during talks President James Michel had on the margins of Ticad V in Yokohama, Japan with the President of the Association of African Economy and Development Japan ECA Committee, MP Tetsuro Yano and the chief executive of Nepad agency, Dr Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, also former Prime Minister of Niger.

President Michel welcomed this initiative saying: “This would become an example in the way that Africa can take ownership of its economy, and with the support of Japan, I am sure this would be a success.

“The project would give Seychellois fishermen an opportunity to develop their business proposals, at artisanal level, as well as semi-industrial, and later also at the industrial level,” said the President.

He added that this is an ideal concept to be developed under the Ticad umbrella, as a concrete example of the cooperation that results from such discussions.
Dr Mayaki said that Seychelles is an example for other countries in Africa in terms of fisheries development and that Nepad would also plan to launch a fisheries investment fund in Seychelles, and use Seychelles as model for other countries.

MP Tetsuro Yano said that the proposed project would be a realistic partnership, as a ‘win-win-win’ situation for all three partners and that Japan is ready to support this project.