Best A-level students meet President Michel


The two students in a souvenir photo with the President

It is now customary that every year President Michel meets the best A-level students.

The President congratulated them for all the efforts they have put in their studies and wished them the best of luck in their future studies at university level.

“I congratulate you for the hard work you’ve put in your studies and for achieving excellent results. You are both young and full of life to achieve progress in the future. Though I wish more students concentrate in their studies and do as well as you. Your contribution is valuable for the country. You have decided to specialise in your respective fields; continue to persevere and you will achieve your goals. I count on both of you to make Seychelles proud,” said President Michel.

Ms Karunakaran and Ms Cadeau are presently gaining work experiences while waiting for their requested courses with universities to come through.

Ms Karunakaran is interested in medicine and her aim is to become a doctor. She is presently on work attachment at the Seychelles Hospital whereby she remarked that she is learning a lot from the doctors and the experience will help her to choose her specialization.

Ms Cadeau wants to specialise in wildlife veterinary medicine, a new field which she said will  benefit Seychelles.

“We are very honoured to have been received by the President. He has encouraged us to keep up with what we have achieved so far and felt proud that the youths of this country care very much in studying the field of medicine. We definitely will come back after our studies at the universities to contribute to the progress of our country,” they said.

Ms Karunakaran and Ms Cadeau, who were part of 130 students who successfully completed their A-level courses at the Sals, graduated in April this year.
Also present during the meeting was the secretary general of the Executive Office of the President, Lise Bastienne.