Inner Mongolian delegation commits to cultural exchanges


Messrs Liu and Rosalie signing the agreements

The department of culture recently received a delegation from Inner Mongolia, who signed three memoranda of understanding (MoUs) within different areas, namely the national choir, national conservatoire and performing arts and the national library.

The head of the Inner Mongolian delegation, Liu Chunliang signed the agreements with the director general of culture Marcel Rosalie. These agreements are expected to ease future cultural exchanges with art and dance troupes and also strengthen cooperation and information management between the groups’ respective libraries.

Mr Liu introduced his delegation, which included directors from the Inner Mongolia (China) regional museum, library, cultural resources department, international cooperation department and the Inner Mongolia song and dance troupe.

Mr Rosalie said that China and Seychelles signed an agreement for cultural cooperation on April 29, 1983, after which China has sent its song and dance, acrobatic and folk music troupes to perform in Seychelles.

“All along we have had a very good relationship. In 2010 Seychelles signed an implementation plan with respect to the cultural exchange agreement, in which it was agreed that Seychelles could establish cooperation directly with regions in China,” said Mr Rosalie.

“During that time we visited various provinces, but unfortunately we did not visit Inner Mongolia. We are pleased that we have signed this agreement which will allow us to work closely in various areas relating to culture.”
Mr Liu noted that the 1983 cultural cooperation agreement was signed by the father of one of the current Inner Mongolian delegates.

“It is my impression the cultural exchange between China and Seychelles has now been passed on from generation to generation. I believe that cultural exchanges between China and Seychelles will move onwards and reach new heights and we look forward to have more and more exchanges in the future.”

Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region of the People's Republic of China, located in the northern part of the country. The vast grasslands have long symbolised Inner Mongolia, with art in the region often depicting the grassland in an uplifting fashion and emphasising traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyles.