Exhibition showcases beauty of our rivers


Guests viewing the exhibition after the launch

The exhibition is to showcase talents of young photographers who are following a course in graphic design, members of the photography and Tyangomon wildlife club.
It will remain open for a week and the exhibits are on sale with prices ranging from R1000 to R4000.

Attending the official launch of the exhibition were the Minister for Environment and Energy Professor Rolph Payet, Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon and chief executive of the National Arts Council Jimmy Savy.

Other guests included chief executive of the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency Penny Belmont, director of the Schhol of Visual Arts Christine Payet, students and sponsors who have contributed towards the exhibition.

The sponsors are Nac, Wildlife clubs of Seychelles, The Global Environment Fund small grant programme, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Maven, Ministry of Education and lecturers of the School of Visual Arts.

In his opening address, Professor Payet said the exhibition comes at an important time when efforts are being made to preserve our rivers.

He added that we can rediscover and show respect for our rivers and a lot more needs to be done at a global level to preserve rivers as they are faced with pressures of pollution and development.

Professor Payet said there is a need for everybody to work together in this cause and hopes the exhibition will help bring the message of preserving our rivers to the public.

He congratulated the students for capturing these inspiring photos, which he said will surely be kept for history.