SCCI and farmers’ reps seek closer working ties


Members of the SCCI and farmers’ association who attended the meeting

Representatives of the farmers’ association, represented by its chairman Serge Benstrong, voiced out that their main concerns were on issues such as a continuous availability of animal feed and the importance of a new slaughterhouse, marketing and distribution.

A farmer came up with innovative ideas to benefit his clients, both in the local trade and in exporting the product, to which the SCCI gives its full support.
The farmers believe in being part of re-inventing new ways in trading their products. They believe in being selective based on demand and look to new ways of packaging their product for the local market and for export.

The SCCI chairman Marco Francis is aiming to meet with more associations to discuss issues affecting their trade, for the benefit of all.
The SCCI and the farmers’ association have agreed to have a joint meeting with the Minister for Natural Resources in the near future.