Beau Vallon’s ‘Golden Mile’ concept takes shape


The ‘Golden Mile’ concept incorporates walkways, family park with recreational infrastructure, among other amenities

The concept is a blend of gardens, walkways, family park with recreational amenities, additional secure parking and restroom facilities, a balance of nature and improved recreational infrastructure along the old Beau Vallon road running adjacent to the beach.

Attending the meeting were the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, Joël Morgan; the Minister for Environment and Energy, Professor Rolph Payet; Road Transport Commissioner Patrick Andre, officials from the Seychelles Tourism Board, the Seychelles Land Transport Agency and the environment ministry, as well as the member of the National Assembly and district administrator for Beau Vallon and DA for Beau Vallon.

The meeting, the third to be held, provided an opportunity to update the public, businesses and land owners in the area who had raised points of concern and other questions at the two previous meetings, on the proposed concept. 

Issues pertaining to the environment of the area, street lighting, pavements, how residents would be affected by the increased construction in the area, increased volumes of people, traffic congestion and recreational facilities to name a few, were raised.

A detailed report on the flooding issues in the area was presented in the meeting by environmental engineers from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, as well as the suggested remedial measures to address drainage and water usage concerning the community. 

Minister Payet addressed the questions on water pollution and environmental and public health concerns, such as water quality in the bay and pest control.

Those gathered were interested to note and learn of the Savoy Hotel’s plan for water harvesting and storage of rain water, as well as other environmentally sound approaches the hotel developers are currently undertaking.

Minister Morgan took the opportunity to thank those who attended the meetings for their passionate concerns about their community and its development, which have allowed him, together with his colleagues from the Ministry of Land Use and Housing, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Ministry of Environment and Energy, as well as other stakeholders concerned, to present the project concept which is being considered in two phases -- the implementation of the promenade at Beau Vallon beach, and the continued walkway towards Mare Anglaise.

Following the meetings and presentations made, which were well received and accepted by those present, the concept will now be presented to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval.