Minister visits Barclays Bank


The minister and her delegation discussing with the bank’s management team

The minister, accompanied by high officials from her ministry, was greeted by the bank’s managing director, Rakesh Jha, and two members of his management team.

The ministerial delegation was taken on a tour of the Capital City branch after which they were introduced to the members of the Barclays Bank management team.

The visit then moved on to the Independence Avenue Branch, the Corporate (Market) Branch, the Providence Branch and finally the Operations Centre which is also located at Providence.

At each of the locations visited, the minister spoke to staff members who informed her that the minor issues they have put forward are being addressed by the management team.
The majority of the staff spoken to expressed their satisfaction with the current work environment and condition.

A number of staff members have been working with Barclays Bank for over 25 years with one staff member having been with the bank for 41 years.

At the end of the visit, the discussions focused around human resource development and staff retention. Mr Jha informed the minister that a lot is being done by the bank in these areas. For example, they have an executive leadership team whereby Seychellois workers are being trained to take up the posts currently being occupied by non-Seychellois in the future.

The minister said: “This is in essence what the ministry had in mind when it launched the localisation plan in February this year. It is good to see that your bank has already started working on your localisation plan.”

The bank has also developed a Certificate in Banking course, in collaboration with the University of Seychelles, which will be offered to staff as well as non-banking individuals who wish to follow the course.

In addition, staff members have the opportunity to follow short courses both locally and overseas.

The minister interacting with staff

Furthermore incentives such as fully paid weekend breaks are offered to long serving staff.

As a way of improving staff welfare, it is on the agenda for a crèche to be identified which staff can make use of to leave their children while they are at work.

The minister assured Mr Jha and his team of her ministry’s support and assistance with the recruitment of reliable candidates and with their training plan.

Mr Jha thanked the minister for the visit and assured her that the bank is open to the idea of working closely with the ministry as well as recruiting individuals who have completed or are on the skills development schemes with the ministry.