Two athletes in Greece for IOA seminar


 Dixie (5th right) and Samynadin (7th right) are in Greece following IOA’s 53rd international session for young participants

The main theme of the programme is ‘Olympic Legacy’ and those taking part will be attending lectures based on the Olympic Games, Olympism and the Olympics movement among other topics. They will also visit Ancient Olympia.

They will be joined by representatives from other Olympic nations, as well as coordinators and lecturers. Last year, Seychelles was represented at the 52nd session by Stephanie Duval and Mario Nibourette.

The two-week annual session, traditionally held in June or July, is designed as an introduction to Olympism and the Olympic movement.

The IOA brings together a large international group of young people who are primarily students, Olympic athletes, people active in sport, teaching or active in their respective national Olympic committees or national Olympic academies.

The aim of the IOA is to educate, but more importantly, to motivate young people to use their experiences and knowledge gained from the session productively in promoting the Olympics ideals and educating others in their own countries.