Indian naval ship visits


 The INS Sukanya

The ship is taking part in the National Day parade on June 18 with a marching contingent and the Indian naval band.

It will then undertake surveillance of Seychelles’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) from June 19 to 25, as the Indian Navy has been doing for the past few years as part of a defence cooperation agreement between the governments of Seychelles and India.

Members of the Seychelles Coastguard will also be present on board during the EEZ surveillance, where they will be trained in navigation, seamanship and various other ship related evolutions.

INS Sukanya is part of the Eastern Fleet of the Indian Navy and is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and sensors.

During her call at Port Victoria from June 16 to 19, INS Sukanya is providing extensive technical assistance and training to the Seychelles Coastguard (SCG). This deployment adds one more chapter to the defence and maritime cooperation between India and Seychelles.

The ship’s commanding officer is Dushyant Purohit, a Kamov pilot with qualified flying instructor rating. He is assisted by a team of professional and highly motivated officers and men.