President praises ‘strong sense of pride’ at National Show


 President Michel visiting a stall put up by the National Information Services Agency (Nisa) which produces the Seychelles Nation newspaper, among other services it offers

President James Michel effortlessly displayed these characteristics as he personally visited a large number of stalls in the National Show yesterday soon after its official opening at the National Sports Council exhibition hall (see page 3 for separate story on the opening ceremony).

He took the time to greet the stallholders and find out exactly what kinds of products and services were on offer, even stopping to take a few souvenir photographs with passers-by along the way.

Speaking to the media in the baking hot sun after doing his rounds of the stalls, the president said he witnessed a strong sense of pride among the people when he passed at the exhibition.

“What I have seen at the stalls today represents our journey towards the new Seychelles. Government, businesses and all the people of Seychelles in general have come together to continue as always to bring the country a little bit further forward. For me, it’s this that represents the pride I saw today in the National Show,” said President Michel.
“I think it has been very well organised and I would like to congratulate the organisers in bringing everybody together,” he said.

“Today, we saw that the space has been well-utilised to be representative of all the people of Seychelles, and at the same time, you can sense the enthusiasm and joy that is present in all the people, especially among the participants who are showing us the businesses they represent and how they are taking part in the economy of Seychelles.”

President Michel said he was convinced by the feeling of unity displayed at the show that the New Seychelles was indeed a success and is a country that is able to move forward.

“I think that the economic reform that we have facilitated has raised a platform for businesses to develop and continue to grow, and from this we have seen new people and new Seychellois people come forward and start new initiatives to enter into business as well,” said Mr Michel.

“After all, this is what creates the driving force in the economy for Seychelles,” he said.
“We need big businesses, which are very important, but at the same time we need the small Seychellois businesses and micro-enterprises to develop and really become the driving force behind the economy.”

President Michel said that the government was aware that more work needed to be done to encourage more Seychellois to start businesses in the country, and added that the government would continue to look at more policies and initiatives to make it easier for people to go into business and benefit accordingly.