National show-Showcasing 20 years of success


‘Celebrating 20 years of achievement’ is in fact the theme chosen by the National Day organising committee for the ongoing show at the Roche Caïman sports complex.

The show was officially opened yesterday morning by Vice-President Danny Faure, who is also the chairperson of the National Day organising committee, in the presence of President James Michel, former President James Mancham, Chief Justice Frederick Egonda-Ntende, president of the Court of Appeal Francis Macgregor, other judges, ministers, the Minister of State of the United Arab Emirates Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, the secretary general of the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development Mukhisa Kituyi, members of the National Assembly, government officials, entrepreneurs among other invited guests.

Vice-President Faure described the grand exhibition, which covers an area of 30,000 square metres, as a milestone event which shows our country’s history and at the same time forecasts its future:
“The national show is both a mirror reflecting our past and a window on our future,” he remarked.

Acknowledging the important role of the now vibrant and diversified private sector which makes 70 percent of the country’s labour force and which contributes significantly to the country’s economy, Mr Faure called upon all Seychellois to take the activity, which he feels has this year taken an important dimension with added significance, as an opportunity to reflect on the country’s development.

“Anniversaries are special days dedicated to celebration and also reflection. We should reflect on our development and on the people who are at the centre of this progress,” people whom the Vice-President described as having the qualities and values that make us the small nation we are.

Vice-President Faure concluded his speech with a message for the youth, asking them to take the show as an example of hard work.
“The show should be a source of inspiration and motivation for young people to appreciate the value of hard work,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of business colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs, captain Edmond Hoareau of the 100% percent Seychellois logistics company Hunt Deltel which celebrates 75 years of existence this year, and Denise Bonne, the owner of DB Supplies, were both grateful to government for the opportunities offered to the business sector at a time of economic difficulties, but which paradoxically has been the most exciting years for business growth as a result of liberalisation.

However, they felt that more could be done in order to improve the business environment through improvement in legislature, speeding up in infrastructure development, equal opportunities between foreign direct investments (FDIs) and reduction in rental and bank interest rates.

National Show coordinator Michel Vielle has described it as “an occasion to entertain and educate young and old,” adding that it has brought together businesses and entrepreneurs from all sections of the economy including horticulturalists, farmers, cottage industries, artists, vehicle agents, banks, computer dealers, travel agents, food and beverage sellers, education and health institutions etc.

The show will be open today from 9am to 11pm and tomorrow from 9am to 4pm.
Our accompanying photos show guests and visitors touring some of the stalls in the show soon after its official opening yesterday.