Miss Seychelles and runners-up pay courtesy visit to President


The ladies in a souvenir photograph with President Michel yesterday at State House

All three were congratulated for their achievements and each was presented with a copy of his book, entitled ‘James Michel: Distant Horizons, My Reflections’.

The first princess, Isha Hoareau, and second princess, Lindy Barallon, told the media that President Michel had encouraged all of them to make the most of their titles and the opportunities that would follow.

Ms Gerry said her life had changed somewhat after being crowned Miss Seychelles 2013, and added that as part of her training, she had to learn to put a stop to some bad habits she never even knew she had.

“It’s not always easy to wear the crown, but with the help of the people in the team, I think I can manage the demands of the title,” she said.

Also present at the meeting was the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St Ange, and the Seychelles Tourism Board chief executive Elsia Grandcourt.

Speaking about her involvement in the Miss World Beauty Pageant which will be held in Bali in Indonesia on September 28, 2013, Ms Gerry said she is beginning to prepare herself for the international event.

“There are various community activities, including work with children, that I am taking part in to accumulate the points I need for my presentation to the Miss World pageant,” said Ms Gerry.

The recently-crowned beauty said she was taking the opportunity to use some of her prizes, such as her gym membership and spa treatments, and said the rest of her many prizes, including holidays and air travel, were still to come in the future.

Ms Gerry, who recently finished her studies at the Seychelles Tourism Academy, is now working at Air Seychelles. As Miss Seychelles 2013, she has also become an international tourism ambassador, representing the country at trade fairs abroad as well as national events.

It is hoped the experience she gains from her duties will allow her to develop important PR, marketing and public speaking skills for the upcoming Miss World pageant and beyond.