STA lecturers and students to be trained in Shanghai and Thailand


The Seychelles delegation and their hosts in Shanghai

In a joint meeting held in Shanghai, China, between Kan Nian, president of Shanghai Institute of Tourism, Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) chief executive Elsia Grandcourt, and STA principal Flavien Joubert, a decision was reached for STA lecturers to benefit from a fully sponsored course at Shanghai Institute of Tourism.

A culinary lecturer will leave Seychelles in October 2013 to follow a two-month course at the institute. From February to December 2014, two more lecturers, two food and beverage service lecturers and one support staff will be going to the Shanghai Institute of Tourism.

The STA has said that in the future “opportunities will be made available for STA and University of Seychelles (UniSey) hospitality management students to do their two-month work attachment in five-star hotels in Shanghai as an alternative to Mauritius and Reunion.  

Mrs Grandcourt’s and Mr Joubert’s presence in Shanghai was a follow-up mission orchestrated by Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange who on January 25, 2013 signed a memorandum of understanding with the Shanghai Institute of Tourism on behalf of the STA.

In the scope of obtaining more exchanges for students and STA lecturers, Seychelles’ ambassador to China, Philippe Le Gall, made contacts with universities in Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand.

Messrs Joubert and Le Gall discussed a number of issues while in China and it was officially confirmed during the meeting that STA’s wellness and spa lecturers will be trained in the exclusive private Wellness and Spa Training Centre in Thailand.

Mr Joubert said that the “excellent working relationship between the Seychelles embassy in China and the STA is helping extensively towards the academy’s success”.

“In helping to sustain the pillar of the economy which is tourism, the STA through China’s partnerships will open new avenues and opportunities for further training and skills upgrading for graduates and lecturers alike, thus confirming the country’s needs to retain them in the hospitality and tourism Industry. China’s decision to send its students to study at the new STA confirms the country’s support for Seychelles through the Seychelles embassy there and its hard working ambassador, Mr Le Gall,” said Mr Joubert.