New resource centre for health staff


The opening ceremony was held on Friday and was attended by the Minister for Health Mitcy Larue, principal secretary Peggy Vidot and other health officials.

The resource centre replaces the ministry’s library which was based at the Red Roof building.

In her opening speech, Mrs Larue said the centre will give staff another means of learning and will provide a quiet place for study.

It forms part of the ministry’s strategy to reduce the cost of training while increasing the number of staff trained.

Mrs Larue added that the ministry plans to extend the opening hours beyond 4pm to allow staff working shift hours to have access to the centre when they are off duty.

The resource centre is equipped with 10 computers with access to the internet and this puts the ministry in line to promote and develop online learning and courses as an alternative to overseas training.

With the new resource centre, staff will be able to keep themselves up to date with medical and managerial developments as well as in other fields.

Staff will also have access to facilities such as photocopying, scanning and printing as well as traditional reference books.