Inter-school athletics competition-Malbrook carries the flag of Silhouette school


Stephie Malbrook, Silhouette school’s sole medal winnerIt was no other than Stephie Malbrook who claimed a bronze medal in the under-10 egg and spoon race to bring pride to Silhouette, the smallest school in the country.
Malbrook made her head teacher, Donald Zialor, proud of her achievement.

Speaking to Edu news, Mr Zialor said that last year his school won two gold medals in this same event for boys and girls and it was Malbrook who was the recipient.  However, this year Malbrook, who celebrated her 10th birthday on Sunday, had to be content with a bronze medal.

“We competed with four students in the heats and only Stephie qualified and it was nice that she managed to win,” noted Mr Zialor.

The Silhouette head teacher said that at the moment, there are only six students at his school where one child is in crèche and another is overseas.

“I have to be the head teacher as well as teacher and physical eduaction teacher and because of our low number of pupils, we cannot compete in team sports,” noted Mr Zialor.

Mr Zialor added that the population has come down drastically after he had targeted to have 13 pupils this year as they had already registered. However, the figures went down in the space of two weeks and one of the main reasons Silhouette has a small population is because of change of residence by parents who leave their work in the hotel industry on the island.

As for Malbrook, she remains stable at Silhouette and helped to raise the profile of her school with her good results in a very fiercely contested athletics competition.