SHA elects new committee


The new SHA committee. Chairperson Palmyre is first on the right

Fabian Palmyre, the current head teacher of Anse Royale secondary, has been elected as chairperson for a two-year mandate while Marie-Claude Morel is the vice-chairperson.
Steve Hoareau is the association’s secretary and Gina Balette the treasurer.

The ordinary members are Sonia Mancienne, Vivienne Preira and Michel Madeleine.
Chairperson Palmyre told Edu news that one of the association’s main objectives is to relook at its constitution which was drafted almost two decades ago.

“We want to review our constitution and make certain amendments so that it will be in line with the reality of schools in the 21st century. There is no doubt that we have a good document but there is a need to look at certain areas to amend,” noted Mr Palmyre.

The SHA chairperson said that this association had been dormant for a while for various reasons but during Mr Pillay’s tenure, he managed to revive it and put it back on track.

“As head teachers, we need to have professional standards and the aim of this association is to help in the training and development of head teachers, especially new ones, in such areas as the drawing up of development plans as well as writing evaluation reports,” Mr Palmyre said. 

He added that such a grouping is also to share good practices as well as look for opportunities for cultural and educational exchanges with different organisations. 

The Anse Royale head teacher revealed that at the moment they have a good working relationship with the department of Environment and last year as a result of their good cooperation they managed to organise a conference on bio-safety and dieting.

“We also focus on capacity building in our committee and we are grateful to the Ministry of Education which facilitates our meetings.  In fact we have a very healthy working relationship with the ministry which is vital as we aim to work together for the benefit of our society as a whole,” Mr Palmyre said in conclusion.

The head teachers’ association also helps its members with personal problems such as those who were affected by the recent flooding and it organises social gatherings regularly to reinforce their committee.