Letter to the Editor-Mancham truly is a Seychelles Global Citizen!


Sir James (second from right) and Mr Sicobo (left) at the Prague Zoo saying ‘Hello’ to the giant tortoises from Aldabra whose habitat was damaged by recent flooding

It has been a great pleasure to spend some time with Sir James and to see him in action.

The charisma and style of this man is something unique. Not only is he a great Ambassador-at-Large for Seychelles but he is also a great statesman with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I have been fascinated by his exchanges of stories and anecdotes with award-winning film directors, screenwriters and producers; as well as with other normal Czech people that he has met.

I have also witnessed his spontaneous, off-the-cuff style of giving interviews to high-level magazines like the Aspen Review Central Europe and the 24-hour Czech television news channel, CT24.

Seychelles is truly blessed to have such a remarkable man representing us on the world stage. He really is a Seychelles Global Citizen!

Gwilym Sicobo
Seychelles Tourism Ambassador
Seychelles Trade & Investment Representative
Prague, Czech Republic