Health professionals must be registered -- council


The meeting between the council and health professionals

The registration fee is R300 and health professionals will have to renew their registration every two years.  The forms will have to be completed by the end of August 2013.

The registration issue was discussed during a meeting held recently between the chairperson of the Health Professional Council (HPC) Annalisa Labiche and representatives of health professionals.

Also present at the meeting held in the Sheikh Khalifa training room at the Seychelles Hospital were HPC vice-chair Danny Poiret and legal consult Bernard Adonis.

To be able to register as a health professional one must have the necessary qualifications and if that person does not have the required qualifications, the Grandfather’s Law will be applied. The Grandfather’s Law allows a person to be qualified for a job depending on the number of years that person has been in his or her field of work. In other words, if a person has been in his or her field of work for more than 15 years by April 1, 2013 then the Grandfather’s Law will be applied.

“We are planning to put forth a motion in the National Assembly requesting that health professionals receive their licence to practice from the Public Health Authority rather than the Seychelles Licensing Authority,” Ms Labiche said.

Among the questions raised during the meeting was what was going to happen to health students.

Ms Labiche said the act does not cater for students as they are not allowed and supposed to practice independently. They should always be supervised by a qualified and registered health professional.