STC cleared of claims that it is selling expiry goods


The FTC was reacting to claims that expired Everyday Sliced Beetroot were being displayed and sold to consumers at the supermarket.

In a communiqué yesterday, the FTC said the commission conducted an urgent inspection on July 8,  2013  pursuant to Section  33 (1) (j) of the Fair Trading Commission Act 2009, at the STC Supermarket and warehouse to verify the claim of expiry goods (EVERYDAY SLICED BEETROOT) being displayed and sold to consumers.

“We have concluded that following the inspection conducted at STC, there was no evidence to suggest that the product in question -- EVERYDAY SLICED BEETROOT -- had past its expiry date. The product inspected by officers of the commission clearly indicated an expiry date of 05- 2015,” the communiqué said. 

“We would also like to point out, that the commission has zero tolerance with regard to any contravention of the Act. Had the officers observed any expired goods namely “EVERYDAY SLICED BEETROOT” then the necessary action would have been taken against STC, since it is an offence under Section 24 (1) of the Consumer Protection Act 2010 to supply or display any goods at a later date than the expiry date of the goods,” added the communiqué.