New facilities to boost rehabilitation and wellness at Les Canelles Centre


Minister Larue and other health officials with representatives of the MLC during the hand-over ceremony

All the modern state-of-the-art pieces of equipment have been donated by My Lord Conquers Ministry (MLC) based in South Africa and committed to helping unprivileged people and children.

The donation has been made possible through a new collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the President’s Office and MLC.

Used effectively, the different pieces of equipment are expected to enhance the health and wellbeing of not only its service users but also its service providers.

In a short ceremony at the centre on Friday the director of MLC, T. C. Fourie, handed over to Health Minister Mitcy Larue the rooms with the new facilities installed and ready to use.
Mr Fourie thanked all those who have helped to make this project possible, including the clients at the centre.

“They (the clients) took ownership of the centre and the most important thing is seeing them take back responsibility for their lives.  We trust that this centre will be a life beam that will guide and help real healing and restoration of healthy  and drug free individuals, families, and communities,” said Mr Fourie.

According to the consultant in charge of the Mental Health Services, Dr Daniella Malulu, the centre is not a place where only Methadone is used to treat clients, but they come there to change and find new meaning to their lives as well.

“With these new equipment they can now learn and start doing leisure and vocational activities,” added Dr Malulu.
The gym is equipped with cardiovascular equipment and strength machines which will help immensely in removing drug toxin from the clients’ bodies as well as the sauna which is a first for Seychelles as it is equipped with infra-red.

Clients making use of the gym facilities

The media centre will help improve communication with and between the clients. Through the material that they will be watching, it is expected that these will build and strengthen their resilience to allow them to stay away from substance abuse.

Engaging in art and craft activities will allow these individuals to develop a sense of understanding and knowing who they are, as people, and also allow them to develop their talents and skills.
The director of programmes at the centre, Rachel Talma, who is also MLC’s representative in Seychelles, said they are continuously looking at new programmes to help their clients and they continue to count  on such help from volunteers --  individuals and organizations -- to give a hand in ridding our communities and country of drug addictions.

To note already one of the clients has been trained by MLC to teach art and is helping others at the centre develop and master this skill.