Plaisance secondary raises awareness about alcohol abuse


Last week the school’s Care Club organised an inter-house public speaking on the theme of Alcohol Abuse as a way of sensitising students on the dangers of alcohol abuse.

The activity was attended by distinguished personalities such as Dr Steve Fanny, the principal secretary for Finance, as well as sponsors, Care Club members from schools in the zone three region and teachers and students of the school.

In her opening address, the head teacher of the school, Ghislaine Monthy, said it is fitting for students to deliberate on this subject which is affecting many teenagers in this neighbourhood and the country as a whole.

In their speeches, the students from the four different houses talked about the dangers of alcohol abuse on the health of students as it affects their studies and their level of concentration.

The students also spoke of the effect alcohol abuse has on the finance of families as well as its effect on the social aspect of the family as they sent out a strong message of “Say No to Alcohol”.

In their deliberation, the students showed that they had well researched their scripts as they were quite knowledgeable and really impressed the audience with their speeches.

In the end it proved a real hard work for the judges, who comprised Ministry of Education officials, professionals from Health and the Drug and Alcohol Council.

The house of Libra was voted the best team for this competition, closely followed by Capricorn. Leo was third while Taurus came out in fourth position.

The students received cash prizes, gifts of books, a trophy and certificate and the school was really pleased with this activity which is in line with the moral renaissance programme.
The school is hoping to organise such an activity every year on different topics to raise awareness among the students on social ills which are affecting their lives.